Truth Hurts


Beauty is the beast, while Beast is the Beauty.
Being Ugly is not perfect, but it is part of Maturity.

Love is Hatred, while hatred is love. If noone loved themselves then noone would love.

Happiness is sadness, while sadness turn to madness.

Emotions can take over and can form into absence.

Absence can form into depressions into visions of seeing the better for the worst.

you can only take so much truth until you burst.




BURST until your body is out of all the lies that you have recieved and gave.

But Truth hurts so much you thought it killed you and put you in your own grave.

Tears are the screams of your story, while the screams of your story is the sweet golden tears dripping out of your eyes upon your chin.

your tears screams for help but you say nothing because your feelings are left within.

Faceing your fears while your fears are faceing you.

noone to help....noone to lean on....noone to cry too.

Cry a river while the river forms you, chasing waterfalls and lakes wasting time! just stick to the rivers your use too.

The truth is going to come and go whenever it pleases.

your only hurting yourself with the lies you are teasing.

Lay upon truths hands and let it LIFT you! it might hurt you but it will only SHIFT you!

To bigger and better things you will no longer.

Just remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Sorry but The Truth Hurts!


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