Truth In The Dark

Sat, 02/21/2015 - 21:36 -- hdoc04

I am not what people see

I hide secrets like everyone else

 Afraid of what they might think of me

If my facade melts


I wish this petty fear did not exist 

And that judgments could not hurt my being

Then I would hold up my fist

Screaming truthful words that are freeing


I am not as strong as I appear

In moments of darkness, I crumble

But letting everything vacate, my mind begins to clear

I should hold onto everything good and let the madness tumble


I am not normal, but weird and sometimes crazy

Why would I want to be when I can be one of a kind

From time to time I get lazy

But I never let that happen to my mind


I see things differently from many

My hazel eyes able to find tiny details out of place

Unseen items being seen are plenty

Especially when an artistic eye helps discover the trace


I keep my strong emotions locked away

They linger in the dark

Waiting for a chance to stray

So their plan of destruction is able to leave a mark


I may be slightly broken

But these wounds make me stronger

Everyday, I try to be more outspoken

Letting my happiness to continue on even longer


I am not what people see

My mind is strong in its youth

They do not know how free I can be

Now that I have finally spoken my truth


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