The Truth Behind My Skin

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 15:08 -- ChyChy

They don't really see me

The see the blue black skin that covers my soul

The milk chocolate brown is what they see

Not the brain, the personality that makes me whole


Nobody knows what I think about when I'm alone

They guess that I'm dumb, stupid or slow

People don't see the truth until their shown

Black people aren't supposed to grow


I love to read and write

I'm shy sometimes, but I always listen

I might not have perfect sight

But I like watching the morning dew glisten


And as a person who is trying to make the best of their situation

I work hard and study every day

Even though it's a constant frustration

For me, it's always been work and no play


They call me underprivileged, they think I need their pity

I don't want it! I want someone to understand where I'm coming from

And to see that pity doesn't get you anywhere.

Love, care, kindness. Can a sista get some?


I am black, beautiful. proud and important

And if you refuse to see that then so be it

This is the truth behind my soft brown skin

I tried to show you and I won't beg you


I'm a normal person, and I enjoy creature comforts like all human beings

I want you to know that I love being in the sun

People are people, and I can't change those things

But it ain't no fun, when the rabbit got the gun.




This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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