Truth is

Truth is Ima 19 year old artist,

I probably will never make it out the hood to fulfill the dreams that I knew could. 


Truth is I wanna make music, become the change own thangs oops I mean things 

i want more outta life then just working a 10 hour shift in Hyundai building.


Truth is God blessed with the gift of spoken words, rhythm and athletics. It's not like anyone really noticed , 

casulties of my ADHD impairs my focus.  While your learning in class I'm some where thinking bout a blooming lotus 


Truth is im just a kid who doesn't get any attention unless it's others laughing at me threw their ignorance 

Cushjet why are they belligerent , im eloquent , I'm medicine to your sick mind . Truth is I'm out to seek kill and destroy any local rapper for joy. But the truth is this is the end of a soon forgotten chapter 

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