That's really important in any relationship that you are in. Love and trust is like Husband and Wife. You can't love someone, but don't trust him/her. I had to learn to trust the love of my life. He knows how important my apartment means to me. Trust has to be builded within time. Being patience with a men/women is going to be worth it in the future.


In a serious relationship, you gotta learn to save money, so you can build a empire for your family, and close friend's. I actually trusted my men to tell him my dreams, and goals. Knows that I really want to attend college in the fall. Yes, it's a process, but I really wanna get my associate degree in two year's. Being successful, and rich is all we ever wanted in life.


Telling each other secrets and having serious conversations is letting a person know that you really do love/trust that men/women. A men/women should be able to trust each other around their kid's. His kid's loves me very much, and loves to spend time with me, and my son, Jayden. Yes, they do ask about me every single day. Thank God the mother's actually trust me to watch their kid's. These girl's are just too cute. I love them.


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