Trusting you is a mistake

Trusting you

Was it a mistake or just a dumb idea

It was both I guess

It was mostly a dumb idea

Because now I am hurting

To where I can’t look at anything

That reminds me of you

It hurts so much

Trusting you is so regretful

The worst decision I have made

I can’t believe I did it again

Why do I do it to myself

I guess it was me being hopeful

Well there is the reason it's a mistake

Hope does nothing in these situations

Trusting you is like taking a low chance risk

I regret trusting you

I wish I never talked to you and said everything I did

Please just forget everything I said

I just want to forget all of this

And move on with my life

Trusting you was a mistake and hurtful

Trusting you was also a dumb idea that ruined my life

It ruined the way I look at you


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