"Trust Your Love"

I choke you,

But I soften you.

I love you,

I still love you no matter what.

I hate not making you feel better,

I want to be together,

With you,

Until we decayed at the end of our lives.



A boyfriend had choke his girl, but at the same time, he loved her so much and

that was his saying, but he meant it more for her than himself. He even said until

their deaths, but can love each other still. This boyfriend can be interpreted 

differently than all guys on earth, but the girl can accept him much better than

the stranger, who was careless. This relationship would last until their deaths 

if he promised her though he choke her but also, soften her no matter what.






The poem started "I choke you", it can mean that someone was dangerous to

your life in the social media, public spaces, and others.

On the next line, "But I soften you", it can mean that someone was sweet talking

with you and covered the bruises that you have felt.

The line "I love you" can mean honesty, but it can have a meaningless tone.

"I still love you no matter what" can mean honesty, but it can also mean no matter

the costs.

"I hate not making you feel better" meant that he wanted you to feel happy about

yourself. No negative emotions get in your way.

"I want to be together" meant not losing someone in his or her journey over

somebody or by yourself.

"With you" with the girl.

"Until we decayed at the end of our lives" meant to hold on until death like

flowers grow and die during the season.

Overall, the male was violent, but talked nicely with the female during the

relationship. He had an honest feeling with her, but it had the emptiness inside of

the words. That meant that he had been not honest at all so he covered up

with his sweet talk and still being a violent person to her in a relationship. For the

female, she would leave him a long time ago. The title would have been

“Avoid Loving Someone Else”. Unless that he had a point to say exactly how he

feels so they can stay together as being honest and feel the right way in a



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