Trust in Me

left or right, it doesn’t matter which

so as long as you understand where to?

The Arctic edge or the Tropical peak?

in the beginning,

I was there and so was He

dinner or dust; what shall you turn into?

allow me to deliver the divine disclaimer

darling, darling, don’t destroy your desires

it’s natural

diaspora, should be delighted, you see

disrupting the doldrums

I’m your diamond dog;

the denizen of the deep

Don’t you trust me?

I can help you

close your eyes and you will see

elect me Emporer of your enigma

if you don’t know the way, follow my voice

listen closely, carefully

cool your conscience

I’ll coax your crippling fears

the Land of Canaan- I’ll coddle the cocoon

catapulting you out of calamity

all you have to do is slip into slumber

salvation- a sensible thing

for sheep! ceasing any true sufficiency

so savor this scarce moment where I’ll slide

you the truth:

Declared Deacon of the Darkness,

With great dismay,

I denounce thee

securing a spot in my saintless abyss


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