Trust by: Luis V

Trust by: Luis V


I trusted you with my heart

You went around and fucked with it

I trusted you with my life

Now I wake up thinking about you and what you did to me

Now I wake up and say to myself “kill me please”

Now you told me you would be there for me

But now I am lonely looking for someone to trust

Now I want to die and go to the afterlife 

Where is God when I need him? 

I had hella feelings for you

But then I trusted you and look where it led me

My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me

You left me to burn in this fire

You left me to burn to ashes 

Let me be cremated and throw my ashes in the beaches 

Of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I was told to pray, I was told live my life for God

But I’ve been trying and I have no response 

So tell me why should I continue?

I trusted you a lot and you fucked me up back


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