Trust will end your life.

I don’t believe

It’s a confidence and

It’s between one another.

It can be a strong, deadly power.

It’s foolish to assume that

It’s built upon good deeds.

It doesn’t make you stronger,

It can’t show what you can do, and

It can’t pull people together,

I mean, how do you expect me to believe that

It’s what the world revolves around.

It never makes things possible.

People are crazy to think that

It could complete our world.

It will destroy our bond,

It destroys friendship, and

It causes treason and betrayal,

I don’t think that

We should be happy trust is there.

It causes millions of deaths.


Many people rely on trust.

It destroys countries.

It’s very rare when

It can be saved as fast as the blink of an eye.

It’s true about what they say;

It’s the end of our future,

And that

It’s the end of humankind,

That doesn’t mean that

Trust will save your life.

Unless we reverse the order.


(Read line-by-line in reverse)





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