"Truman show"

When i was about 6 or 7, i fully believed i was a part of my own "truman" show. 

That every single person on this planet revolved around me and God was using me like the avatar in a sims game. I'm not lying, i'm just being honest, and sometimes i still get like that. Not because i'm some narcissist but I guess beacuse I feel like this all is some big joke. We've all had those days where if you got hit by a car that would be a highlight. The saying God has a sense of humor reigns true in our everyday lives. But i don't hold that against him at all. I wouldn't be speaking today if i did.

I have a point, you see, the Truman Show was an honest nightmare to watch. Just as scary as the newest horror flick. Who wants a life that is always perfect all the time? Life is ups and downs, left and rights, back and forths and wins and losses. You see, in games if you lose you can play again but in life, you can't, well if you believe in reincarnation i guess you can but you can't relive this life, The life you are living right now. SO the message here is to live life to the fullest really. To take back your control and to stop letting society judge your every move. You want to talk to that cute guy across the street? Go ahead. You want to ask your boss for a promotion or a raise? Be my guest.

If i just jumped on a table right now and yelled "Pineapples" on the top of my lungs or walked around the neighborhood with my hair all messy then who cares and what is stopping me? These are of course, incidental scenarios but they are just surving a purpose of allowing you to open your eyes and see the possibilities that can unfold.

Life stops for no one, so get out of whatever funk you may be in or your constant state of normailty and routine. Shake things up for the heck of it. Whatever you do in this life, just make sure your the star of your own Truman show... without the controls.

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