A Truly Broken Heart


Went little James

On a rainy Friday eve

One part sick

Two parts sad

With nothing to relieve


He teared up

With eyes red

And all day did pain and pine

But not wanting “weak”

To become his tag

He did not at all the day whine


He coughed he hacked

His nose ran runny

And still he said nothing at all

He sat in the garage

To escape the family

And away from Jack and Jane’s gall


His father gone

His mother busy

What with the baby amok

Jack and Jane

Would laugh and tease

So here sat he behind lock


It was cold and damp

And uncomfortable

But it was quiet out here

Little James, he sat

And cried to himself

Each drop a tear sincere


He was unhappy

And he did know why

But Jack and Jane did not

Pap was out

Not for work

But with a woman and bottle


So little James

He sat and wept,

The whole long night he cried

He had not a coat

Nor had a blanket

And by morning he had died



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