True You

Slam Behind the Curtain

That's what I hear everyone say

Don't speak out, be afraid 

For you're being judged today


Everywhere I turn, everywhere I go

Who is my friend today

Who am I to know?

When I don't know the true me, the real me

For who I am inside

Why can't I decide?


Well the true me is strong, beautiful, standing tall

Shy, sometimes quiet

Barely silent, always thinking

Thinking of words to say, things to do, sights to see

Curious to discover

Every little part of me


Hate me when I'm me, love me when I'm fake

Opposite stands for the same

How can that be the real me?


Sometimes I may be down

But only I can turn it around

For today is my day

To step out from behind the shadows

And let people see the true me


For Slam Behind the Curtain scholarship from Niche

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