True You


True You, Where are you?

Are you hiding, flying, fleeing,

Dancing, singing, feeling blue?

Or just somewhere bazinging?

Wake up True You!

It's time for school, work, friends,

Meetings, family; don't you have a clue?

Or are you dreaming your amends?

Why True You, be true you.


Why do you hide True You?

Are you afraid, anxious, lost, scared,

Intimidated, or just slightly coo-coo?

Is your act corny and unprepared?

True You, Is that you?

Do I finally see a glimpse?

Your image, Your beauty is in view!

Wowie! My joy creates flips!

Why True You, be true you.



True You, what's that you say?

No, no not true, you're perfect in every way!

If you worry what others say, 

Won't you forget to live life EVERYDAY:

Too caught up in other's views,

Opinions, ideas, critiques and blah-pooze.

Why True You, be true you.

Why True You, be True You.


Dear True You,

    Even if it doesn't seem,

Oh truest of truest True You, 

I'm always on your team.



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