A True Treasure

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Hidden you are
Waiting to be found
Covered by the dirt
The rocks
Can’t breath
Cannot even make a sound

But yet
You shine through it all
Rise back up
Every time you fall
Buried alive
You cry out but
But no one ever seems to hear your call

There you are trapped
Surrounded, consumed
By earths everyday problems
Hoping to escape
But only to find yourself
Deeper in the dirt
Than you were before

Not being able to control the rain
Watching it begin its daily routine
Washing away all of your hopes and dreams
Making it impossible
For you to one day achieve

Although through it all
You held on
Kept your head up
You stood strong
Knowing that no treasure
Stays buried forever

You arose through all the dirt
That had you tightly bound
As you broke your way
Up through that indurated, asphyxiated ground

I see you as a treasure
One that could never be
Mistaken as just something
To glance at for one’s pleasure

I hold you in great esteem
Knowing that with you
Impossible !
No longer defines our dreams
I’ll come out a treasure
As you did
No matter how bad
Right now might seem

Daily I pray
Strive to be half the woman you are
Maybe even someone’s treasure one day!

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