True Passion

Fri, 04/19/2013 - 17:51 -- Matt133


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A distant Utter; a mythical Stutter?
In Youth, is It serious truth?
Must be fictitious; It is never to be serious.
But Observe! Another undefined curve!
For Play or For Real? They May both Seal.
So compare; did others Care?

Some arose late; Others sprang at Fate.
Then separate tones came; Each with a name.
Why those came - is for fame.
Sirens of Greed; Cries of public feed.
The despair? It comes from desire.
But there is a kind; the manner Hard to find.

Arising from Thought; It was a Dot.
True Passion; A memorable Fashion.
Of the Interest? Is it Best?
Vigor without Hesitation - Beyond Meditation.
The Need to Known; A Lead to a Crown.
A necessity for Mastering, not of Faming.

Started as A Minority; shall End in Infinity~
Can be consequential - may be Special.
Change for the Exceeding; Strive for a Bearing.
The-World is un-perfected; Thrive as The uninfected!
And Seniority may Arrive, but Spirit will Survive.
Then the Start Comes Before the End.



I had lots of fun writing this poem! I hope you had just as much fun as I.

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