The True Meaning of Written Words


United States
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Written words can impact people in unimaginable ways,
When I cannot express myself through words I just write,
Writing gives me an identity,
It gives me a chance to stand out,
Writing just doesn’t do that though,
It helps me release joy, sadness, and stress,
It is not about just showing off,
It’s more than that,
It’s a way of life to express oneself through writing,
When I show my friends my poetry,
I know they are impacted by those words,
Poetry doesn’t just help me get things off my chest,
It gives me a chance to impact the lives of those around me,
When I write words just flow out of me,
It is like I am transported to a different dimension or world,
The main reason though is God,
He inspires me to be a better writer and express myself freely.


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