The True Manna

I’ve left Egypt for good

and I’m not coming back

I will no longer be a slave to fear;

a slave to my unfortunate past

I won’t live in this house;

of constant oppression.

living in fear and agony


I’m crossing the sea

The road is paved just for me

and yet the bluebird hums inside my head

and the song is sweet but it’s been on repeat


Moses said let my people go

but why do I still feel stuck?

unchanging, unmoving, glued to the sand

I’m in a new place, but sadness still surrounds this land


The Pharaoh- he’s coming back for me

I’ve had my cake, there’s nothing left to see

Unfortunately, he won’t leave me alone

so just let me die here and rot to the bone


but then I look up and see His gift

the bread of life- He’s chosen to freely give

it can’t be that easy to finally let go

but He says, “I am the one who can sew..

you together, when you’ve been so easily broken

I am the truth, the salvation, your only token

and suddenly all my tears are falling on the floor

I’ve never felt it rain like this before...


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