True Love Will Never Fail (Based upon the Concept of Love Presented in 1st Corinthians 13)

love does not manipulate

it does not try to win

for love is sacrificial

but does not always give in

love is made to share

among your family and your friends

but none should abuse

the sacred gift

trust is its foundation

and trust must go two ways

healthy love believes

in the character of another

love stands strong amid the storms

for love will never leave you

it guides you through the darkest nights

and calls to hear your voice

it laughs at your eye's twinkle

and cries with another's hurt

love is ever present

whether we like or not

built upon compassion

with cornerstones of humility

love aims to serve

to help

to care

but love cannot be overlooked

for without all would fail

love is crucial to survival

for it gives a will to live

love should not be taken

nor should it be thrown away

love is something to cherish

a promise

while healthy love

allows a pair to thrive

unhealthy love is not love at all

but lust

and lust brings only destruction

love builds up but lust tears down

foundations of relationships

love encourages

but lust bases worth only on trivial things

love never gives up

but lust will leave

as soon as someone else walks by

love holds your hand and guides you along

but lust does nothing of the sort

relationships are built in love

or at least

that's the plan

but real love is seldom found

for it is unconditional

it does not manipulate

does not get angry

does not give up

does not get jealous

true love

the foundation of

all healthy relationships

will never leave you in the storm

it stays with you

providing umbrellas and smiles

true love will never fail


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