True Love is True

Mon, 04/22/2019 - 10:43 -- rlwise

It might be the way your smile consumes your whole face

Or the wrinkles on your forehead when you look into my eyes

Maybe it’s the feeling when our fingers are laced

Whatever it is, I can’t make up my mind.


Sometimes I think it’s how you stumble over long words

And how you laugh at inappropriate jokes.

It could be the way you naturally smell so sweet

Whatever it is, I don’t really know.


But I know it has something to do with the sound of your voice

As well as the gentleness that seeps out of your soul.

I’m certain it’s the way you hold me close

Also, the way you make my broken heart feel whole.


There’s something about being in love with you

That makes me realize that true love is true.




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