true love don't lie

A woman once  said  that you will know it's love according to how your heart feels. The warmth of his or her touch will guide you to where it begins. Nothing or no one can tear you away from it's strong passion. Every breath you breathe would be refreshing because the love of your life would be right beside you. they would know what your about to  say  before it's said. When you argue and become so upset with that person, nothing becomes more better than making up. staring into the eyes of the person who swept you of your feet is worth pausing the world for just that brief moment. After a while you start to realize that the shoe that's being left on the floor or the clothes trail that is leading to the bedroom is by the on you fell in love with. The make up smears swirled in heart shapes and your favorite meals waiting for you is by the one you love. The main important think is that even when that beautiful hair turns gray and that coke bottle is turned upside down, the one you pause the world for s still going to love you no matter what. 

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