True Love

They say first love is the strongest,

But after all I've seen

I still cannot believe young love

Is the real, genuine thing.


Couples hiding in corners

Or sitting in the park,

Hugging, kissing, and holding hands.

Does love only go that far?


I've seen so many people

Think that all they need

Is to have somebody in love with them,

And never choose to dig deep.


Real love never goes sour

And never gives up.

Respect, kindness, and honesty

Are what true love is made of.


What's jealousy when you have confidence?

What's worry when you trust?

What's obsession when you feel secure,

Infatuation when you love?


It isn't all about you,

It's about what you do for each other.

It isn't all about now,

It's starting on the road to forever.


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