True Love!


United States
40° 36' 26.5752" N, 75° 28' 41.3976" W

It was love at first sight/ As soon as I saw you..../I knew you were mine!/ I saw that "sparkle" in your eyes./ That gave me butterflies./ The moment we started to talk/ I knew you were the one!/ The moment we hugged.../ I never wanted to let you go !/ You make me feel loved!/ The moment we kissed.../ I felt fireworks/ You light up my world./ Like no one else!/ You read me like no one else can!/ I can say "I'm fine",/ When in reality I am not!/ You bring out my feelings/ Like no one !/ You make me smile/ Whether your near or far/ You see me for me!/ You love me for not my looks, hair, or popularity/ You love the inside!/ We have no secrets,or lies/ I love you for you,/ Age is just a number/ So promise me this/ NEVER LET ME GO!/I can't imagine a world/ Without you being..../ MINE!!!!


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