True Love

Tue, 04/03/2018 - 20:01 -- MELANIN

True Love?
You can never find it
Feelings they love to hide it
True love can fade
Your lover have you caught up in a maze
All the games?
You thought you were done with them days
But I guess  love works in mysterious ways
They say "I love you"
You try to comfort them and they shove you to the curve
This is not what you deserve
Tell you lies
Make you cry then wipe your eyes
Tell you they can die without you
Tell you they about you
Turn around do it all over again and claim they got you
Like a goofy they then tried you
True Love
True Love
I Guess it's real if it comes back
Nah scratch that nonsense 
It's real if it never leaves
Right or wrong they're riding overseas
They help you succeed and not help you bleed
Real love is hard to find
You better open your eyes and recognize
Stop being blind
Aren't you tired of wasting time?

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Our world
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