True Love

I thought I knew what love was.

It was walking through the streets holding hands,

Buying each other ice cream and talking until 3am.

Sharing all of your secrets, confiding in someone,

Having someone to hold just to say that you did.


I turn and reflect on my life,

I realize my mistake.

The truth of the matter is that now,

I understand what love is.


One day, my eyes were opened.

Love had been right in front of me my entire life.

She asked nothing of me other than that I do my best.

She gave me her hand every step of the way.


True love asks nothing of you,

It encourages you to be yourself, to try your best to help the world.

It inspires you to dream, to be creative, to develop all of your talents,

To share your ideas, to find ways to overcome each of the obstacles that interfere with your goals.


She gave up her career so that she could raise me.

She instilled in me values so great that I know how I should be treated.

Each morning, she wakes up at 5 o’clock to make me lunch,

To make sure that I will have enough time to get ready,

And she goes to work at her two jobs

To make sure that she has enough money

To provide my brother and I with everything,

Everything that we need.

Through the pain that her back problems present her with,

Each and every day, she perseveres.

She finds the strength, the will, and the love to do everything that she does.


One day, I looked at her, my beautiful mother.

I was stressed about something that is insignificant now.

She opened her arms, and hugged me.

I asked her how she does it all,

And she said,

“Because I love you.”


This poem is about: 
My family


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