True Love

He threw my phone.

I watched as the screen shattered into a million pieces against the wall,

watched the glass fall as my heart dropped in my chest.

He placed his hand on my shoulder,

"I'm sorry," he said, the angry look still plastered on his face,

"But I had to do it... because I love you."

I felt the hot, angry tears run down my cheeks,

"No," I hissed, my voice filled with venom,

"If you loved me, you would trust me to text whoever I want!"

His eyes filled with fire as he whispered, "Excuse me?"

I looked him in the eye and, with as much courage as a ferocious lion, said,

"Goodbye, Jason. Forever."

I walked out his front door, leaving all my fears at the doorway.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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