True Freedom of expression


As long as I reside in this Reality I'm always helping another human being

mostly through words, or constructive theory; really what my goal is, is to help them start seeing.

I hope that it gets them to think, maybe correct themselves in a progressive way,

or to help the unending pain....perhaps help keep the demons at bay.

I hope to achieve an ascension of mind 

in everyone I meet, it's so frustrating to be blind.

I believe my purpose is to open all senses,

to break down those doors and help them swing for the fences.

The malleable wall that is self esteem can end the prospective genius' dream,

that being said it can also fuel that rocket, get it off the ground, or just provide that last sprocket.

Even then, that's still not the complete reason

I seek a career like this, it's not full season.

Art is my crutch, it is a world of therapy to even those laid in the darkest hold of humanity

keeping all smiling, in one way or the other, it can break the unholy hopeless back into sanity.

So amidst all the problems throwing me into a figurative black hole

arms multiplying from nowhere, pulling me down seeking only to tear apart my soul

I merely show these forlorn limbs to their bright new home, letting them swirl and form onto my canvas.

I don't need church, because this is my form of Mass.




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