True Colors Male Perspective/True Colors Female Perspective

“Baby, show me you're a keeper

It's been hard for me to keep up

You've been tryna keep me in the dark

But baby girl, I see you

Girl, come show me your true colors

Paint me a picture with your true colors

These are the questions of a new lover

True colors, true colors”~The Weeknd


Girl come show me your true colors

I wanna understand 

I wanna know your darkest secrets 

Let me in 

Let me in

Let me see all of you

The bad and the good

You make me question who I am to you

You avoid my questions at the cost of your heart

I’ve never shown you wrong

Let me know what I am to protect

I can accept you 

Let me trust you

Know that you won’t lie to me

I don’t care what they say

I have a past

And so do you

Why is it so hard to open up to me?

Where do I start to begin to understand someone who doesn’t want to be understood ?

Can I trust you if you don’t trust me?

Who are you really?

What did you go through with your lovers?

How did your past affect you?

Where do I stand in your life?

Do you see me the same way you saw them?

If I love you, let me adjust to you, it’d be just for you

Let me in

I see you



“So if I love you

It'd be just for you

So when I'm touching you

Can I trust in you

Can I trust in you, oh baby”~ The Weeknd 


My true colors aren’t so blissfully bright

There are demons I fight inside

I wake up not being able to breathe from my nightmares

You wouldn’t understand the dark thoughts that creep across my mind

You want to understand something I couldn’t even begin to process

You want to know me


I don’t even know me

All of me is not who I wish to be

I pray you never see that side of me 

The bad is a lot worse than you could’ve imagined 

Are you ready to deal with a girl who suffers depression?

Two types of Anxiety?

Eating disorder?

Possibly Biploarism?

All the anger in my body

The pain in my heart

The disappointment I face

I can’t answer those questions without thinking of how you could up and leave afterwards

Can you really accept me?

Protect me from myself?

You mean absolutely everything to me

I want to be good

Be good enough for you

I lie to myself everyday I could easily lie to you

But I won’t 

My past is something that continues to haunt me even when I take several steps forward

My warped mind drags me back into those dark waters

I’m not my past but I’m defined by many because of it

It’s hard for me to open up after so many times 

And I’d gotten so bad

I was left

I wasn’t helped 

I was tossed to the side because they realized it wasn’t just a day

It’d be days,weeks,months 

My highs are so high that when I fall

I fall hard

I want to be understood at the cost I’ll be unconditionally loved

I trust you but not enough for you to leave me

There might not be a forever but I want forever till whenever 

In my life you stand right in front of me

I see similarities in all those that I have loved 

They all tried but failed to love all of me even the worst of me

If you adjust to me will you become like me?

Do you really see me?......



Would you really love me?

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