True Bravery

Do I stay where I stand?

Or leap

unsure of where I land

Did I make a mistake, Was my confidence all fake?

too many questions

too little time

Self doubt, like a shadow, slides slowly into my soul

As I look down the cliff face, water black as coal

That same darkness that hides under a childs bed at night

That same darkness that causes men to run instead of fight

Whispers doubt into my ear

I crumple underneath the pressure

As I cower alone on that edge, drenched in fear

I look down and see my family near

Happiness, Hope, heat my heart

But fear still sinks in my soul

I look over the edge

Take a step back

A leap of faith into the darkness below

For true bravery isn't running away from true fear

True bravery is running towards what the heart holds near

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