Troubled Minds

Tue, 06/11/2013 - 13:00 -- bzvipm

im glad it happened i guess i must have just prayed it
that one day that two hearts would be separated
all of the things that they would take for granted
your hard work your dedication its yours
because see they dont deserve it anymore like
you made a promise to you
you never come out the situation looking like a buffoon or a fool
you always knew just when to play the cards
but this time you left your ace with the jack of hearts
no 21
but you always gotta know the fold
you caught them bluffing now its time you went and held your own
no disrespect but i done seen the rest of the deck
its time for you to get your money and just take a step
leave with respect and keep your dignity and all your pride
cause to that other you was just another type of prize


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