A troubled mind

I’m the elegant element,

Designed to eliminate the irrelevant

You an atom are looking up at an elephant


The elephant in the room

The outcast, the weird shadow

Racing against time I’m fast


Darkness vs. light, he's last

Light can't escape a black hole

Think about it its simple math


Sophisticated swag with touch vodka

Can land you with two girls in your Honda

But never speak about it, cover it up with fondant


Broken dreams and empty bottle

Reaching for the stars but you pulled a muscle 

Playing with rocks like a science game

It’s the everyday hustle


Philosophical concept of a shooting star

Can be coded pic from nasa

But my ignorant sole choose to believe

A shooting star like 50 cent can be found laying on a plaza


My uptight ruthless methods

Consists of murdering words and molesting the letters

I’m so sick that my cancer got a cancer

I got numbers looking up to me saying yes sir


Except for 5-0

I only like the TV shows

When you really look at it

The CIA is the government’s hoe


Government is the pimp

Pimping us all out 

Got soldiers in afghan

Doing a shoot out 


C-walking on the sand,

I guess it the American dream

Stomping on other countries

Just so that our economy would beam


Fame and money they got a lot in common

They both can turn a man into a monster


Am an educated ignorant sole

Yeah I’m a contradicting miner digging a hole


I understand the ground I dig it

If I killed the space in between it would be a digit

A digit is a lot like 5'4 to a midget


So next time someone tell you something

Don’t just believe it, make sure you find a book about it and read it


Cuz knowledge is power, and power is fame,

If you ain't got money then you not in the game


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