I knew you were trouble

From the first day I saw you

You trapped me in a cage

Like an animal

Turning me into a beast

And without clear vision

Like a person on a mist


I was quite tantalised by your love

But now all what I have

Are the painful tatoos

Of hurt that you left on my heart

Gave you my hurtless soul

Now you made me heartless


It was on the moonlight beam

That the wind drowned all my screams

That night still haunts my dreams

Maybe its a mistake

When I miss your take

I miss when my room walls

Were smiling beyond happiness

Instead you made them happy less


When I wake up every morning

The sun is always glooming

Sadness just reflects upon my heart

Every time I look at myself in the mirror

Now evey dream is like a nightmare

Leaving me unaware

And my happiness is like a dream

And you, my greatest reality

Turning into a fantasy

This poem is about: 
Our world


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