Trivial Pursuit


I see a flicker of her through a brush ridden wood,

she ran from me; alone and utterly misunderstood.


She left me to ponder her entirety from just a glance,

I knew I must follow, for this would be my last chance.


From far ahead I hear her feet strike the leaf laden floor,

the near silence interrupted by my beating heart’s roar.


On she pranced, avoiding a well sought connection,

all I desired to give her was my hope and affection.


On I danced avoiding traps to my left and my right.

all the while wondering if this would be a ceaseless fight.


My muscles burned from our endless chasing

and time just ticked on with its endless racing.


After running for miles, for months, and for days;

I became overwhelmed by an uneasy malaise.


I pondered if our endeavor was all for naught,

if i would ever see her, if she could ever be caught.


As time drew to a close, I reached my wits end,

I slowed to a crawl, her I would never apprehend.


I had poured all of me into a fleeting goal,

and now I felt empty, a tarnished soul.


I felt lost in my forest, a wandering fawn.

wishing to go back to times long foregone.


My dawdling pace brought me to a treeless glade,

and there I saw her clearly in pain and death arrayed.


Her whole life she had been running, escaping my burning glance,

now our eyes met in understanding, wanting another chance.


Her secrets were dark, and she wished not to disclose,

but now she did tell me as her beating heart slows.


I knew her more now than I had my whole life,

wanting to go back and avoid all our strife.


After running for miles, for months, and for days;

I became overwhelmed by the horror of my ways.


All that time I had been chasing what she had kept hidden,

Now it all seemed pointless when with death she was ridden.


I held her head in my lap as she drank her last sips of air,

where I was quickly engulfed by our aberrant love affair.


I was guilty of murder, I never had let her rest,

I wanted her to try harder, so onward I pressed.


from the dawn of our race I had scared her away,

hoping that despite my thunder, she would always stay.


I was selfish and brutal; it was a cruel and childish joke.

tears streamed down, but those steps I not could revoke.


I made myself the victim of our separation,

realizing now that I was the causation.


I thrashed out at her with every chance that I got,

pushed her away and let our relationship rot.


I was the huntress chasing my mother through our forest of life,

Yet, I hurt only myself. Tripped on my own sharpened knife.




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