Triton's Daughter

Once upon a time,

Under the sea,

There was just you and me.

Wandering instead of bedtime,

Mine own, daughter of Triton,

Left me frightened,

Trying to make it to Anaheim.


You were so restless,

As you watched his ship pass,

Sitting down below in the eelgrass.

He fell into the water, breathless,

He couldn’t fathom what waited below,

But you would not let him go,

You were really quite senseless.


You saved him and wanted to stay,

To be part of his world,

To stay as his girl,

But your fishtail caused you delay.

You wanted to change for him,

To switch to limbs,

I thought your tail was a beautiful display.


You poor unfortunate soul,

Fell under a witch’s spell,

She locked your voice up in a shell,

And shot you up into the shoal.

My sweet child,

Have you yet reconciled,

With the fact that you are a fool?


Nevertheless, a fool will do anything for love,

So I cannot blame you,

Only watch you through the blue,

As you walk up above.

I watched him try to kiss my girl,

But wicked ways did unfurl,

Time, my dear, is fleeting for truelove.



When you realize,

That you are over your head,

I’ll be there, like I’ve always said.

I will unravel the witch’s lies,

Bleed for you my dear,

Have my tail filleted and seared.

I won’t let your life capsize.


When all’s said and done,

I’ll let you walk away.

What I want to convey,

Is, I Love You a ton.

You are my daughter,

And I will not let water,

Let our relationship become undone.



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