A Trio

There's this girl I know who has short  black hair. She has big eyes and she has a kind 

heart. I smile when she tells me about her day. This girl is so aware of the problems around

us, but they never bring her down. I think the more she learns the stronger she becomes.

When she smiles it's like waking up to your favorite song. She radiates positive energy,

but remains with a cool exterior. 


I know of another girl who has long black hair. She has almond-shaped eyes and a self-

less character. This girl thinks of everyone before herself. I smile when she asks me how 

my day went. If she were the ocean, the waves would constantly crash with the sounds of 

birds passing by. I think she holds something strong on the inside, but surrounds it with 



I know of a boy who has short brown hair. He has deep brown eyes and a truly unique 

perspective. This boy is confident and refined. He looks unphased, as if he could adapt 

to any situation that came his way. I smile when he rambles on about his plans and

ambitions. For someone with a multitude of limitations, his future seems so infinite. 


These three people are the three reasons I can't stop smiling. 

This poem is about: 


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