The Trinity

Faithful and just

The reflection of me plastered across-

A blue lined canvas

The order found within myself

Found within these two red vertical lines

My mind, my soul, my being

We write to release

To relieve


With every word

Wondering when the plot will change

Wondering when the right person will actually stay

Wondering when his demeanor will finally say

I’m nothing like him


Then and only then

I won’t have to be afraid


You see

 He was the water to her seed

 And I became the tree

But while he preached love and holy things

His wrath proved differently


And they are the scars

The ones who created this thinking

The ones who still have a fraction of me

The ones that if you look closely

Is who I perceive myself to be


So I search and search

For the person who is their antonym

Someone who will make me forget about them

The person to make me a new

But no one will understand me like you do


Faithful and just

Is the pen and paper

These words a reflection of their maker

The caution found within myself

Found within a child

Trying not to color outside the lines

My mind, my soul, my being

We write to release

To be free

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