The Three Bears arrived at their home

To find the door open,

Swinging side to side in the breeze.

They worried that the intruder

Might be inside;

Papa walked in cautiously

Followed by Mama, with Baby Bear

Not far behind.

Baby noticed that someone had

Eaten all his food, but not all

Of any other bowl.

At that point, Papa Bear called

The Forest Ranger

To come investigate, since he

Noticed someone had

Sat in the chairs in

The living room.

The Ranger arrived and did a

Thorough sweep of the property.

He returned with a

Young girl in custody. She had

Broken into the house,

Eaten Baby Bear’s food,

Broken Baby Bear’s chair,

And slept in his bed.

She was charged with breaking and entering,

And was carted off to the county jail.

The Bears had learned now to

Never let Baby Bear lock the door again.


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