Rumble and Tumble
Toil and Trouble
My body is hungry
It wishes to be fed
But my mind dejects


Wish upon a star my dear
You'll never get it
I'll kill you slowly
Yet make you happy


The torment
The agony
The hunger , oh the hunger
How long at it been?

I can't remember

Your sunny days are over
Over I tell you
I'll engulf you with torture
The fighting can't stop
Or Can it?
How long
How Long until I collapse
Until I realize I'm torturing myself


I'm my worst nightmare
I'm my own bogeyman
Shut up body
Shut up mind
Go away
But I'm hungry
No you can't be fed
You can
No I can't let you
I'll make you turn away food
Turn away from social gatherings
Deny happiness
And never be free


I have this condition
Where I enjoy myself being hungry
The rumble an tumble
The toil and trouble
Makes me happy alone
Yet deep down
Its like a sappy line from a card


Love me
Love you
Love who?
I'm no one
You're no one


Empty canvas
Empty stomach
You're like a black hole


Twirling and twirling without stopping
Never ending
The flora was beautiful at my grave
The bones crinkle as I crave
Crave for food
Crave for full .. What?


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