Trekking Towards Success

All my life had been the same

Every day was pleasant.

Then I reached a new level of the game,

I didn't recognize the present.

Things were changing drastically,

New things left and right.

Brothers married happily,

Now no one to help me fight.

I lived my life now all alone,

Afraid of any more change.

Afraid my life would come and go,

Like the turning of a page.

Every day I'd look back,

I'd miss what I didn't know I had.

Afraid to let go of the past,

And become a high school grad.

Now even bigger change was coming,

I knew I'd have to cope.

I had no other choice incoming,

I had to let go of the rope.

Now free from my past and moving forward,

I was starting to progress.

now ascending on my own accord,

trekking towards success!

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