Trees Always Give Free Hugs

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 19:58 -- Ki_394
Green, brown, and blue.
These are the colors of my energy.
For we are one in this small world.
Our lives intertwine, where together we can thrive.
Or fall.
The moon provides light in the darkest of nights,
Leaving hope for tomorrow.
The sun strengthens us, armed with warmth and sight,
For now you can see the way.
For we are one.
And though fewer times the sun disappear―
Giving way to stormy seas of the sky,
Whilst the constant conversations of the rustling trees
 forewarn Mother’s rage on rarer occasion―
She remains irritable, as do we.
For we are one.
Economically, ecologically, politically
Emotionally, connectively and individually―
WE are distant. WE are separate.
We are apathetic.
The ground beneath aids us with the sense of stability,
But we are stumbling.
And Mother’s composition is faltering.
For we are one.
Without one, the other cannot be. 


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