Treat Yo'self!

we all have stuff we got going on

and in these trying times we have to remember

to just be able to let loose

kick back

the art of

treating yo’self


it’s not too much to have yourself a lazy day

in the middle of a busy week

just chill and listen to your favorite tunes

sing too loud and almost trip dancing


spend an hour taking the perfect selfie

and another picking out the cutest one and filtering it perfectly

rake in those likes on instagram

because dude you deserve it


buy your favorite book series again

even though you already read it digitally

just because you want to see it on your bookshelf

and flip to your favorite parts when you’re sad


at a time when all you can think about is



and late fees

you have to remember that it’s a-okay to treat yo’self

This poem is about: 
Our world


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