Treat Us All Like Humans

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 16:30 -- rubys

Treat me as a human

I rush to the classes I'm late to

I am treated FAIRLY

I learn new things that open my eyes

I am treated GREATLY

These eye openers force me to see

I am treated FINER

Horrible truths have passed my life

But I am treated NICER

This current atrocity in the world

Yes, I am treated BETTER.


Treat us as a human

Here we have our rights as citizens

We are treated fairly

A person commits a crime, they pay for it

We are treated greatly

Person gets raped, rapist goes to jail

We are treated finer

Someone murdered, murderer gets decade+

We are treated nicer

Here we have basic unalienable rights

Yes, we are treated better.


Treat her as a human

There a child is forced to marry old men

She is not treated fairly

There she must marry her rapist

She is not treated greatly

There she has no public outcry to her "honor killing"

She is not treated finer

There she is raped at 2, for "virgins can cure AIDS"

She is not treated nicer

There she is not treated as a human

Yes they are not treated better.


There is still a gender gap

Men still dominate society

We still have not acheived equality


There, they are not even treated as humans

Everyday the horror continues for them

Treat us all like humans.



-Sotomayor, Female


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