Trash in Love

That old blue trash can
still sat in the corner
by the door
laughing at you

just go away 
he said 
in oh, so many words
in oh, too many actions

flesh crawling
hope fading
heart breaking

tossed away 
like rubbish again
for the oh, too manyeth time

the imbecile sits
waiting for a retraction
too long

it had been too long
too long ago
to remember

one should not stay
where one is not wanted
you think over and over 
until you can think no more

too long 
came the night
he put you in the trash can
you were pretty sure

gathering broken shards
of your self esteem
you scrape your heart 
off of the floor

pack some lessons 
into a suitcase
leaving others
for the others
to find

praying for mercy 
on your journey 
back to confidence

you fill that old trash can
with all the love 
you had for that man

shake regret off your shoes
as you walk out the door

This poem is about: 
Our world


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