Trapped in Your Love

When was it that love became a trap

A way to keep someone from running away

was it true when you said you loved me

that I was the most important person to you

that no one compared

or was it just a way for you to spin your web

to lay the bait

drawing me closer and closer with every sentence

till I am trapped in the same place as you

never to escape

because you love me

because if I left you would have nothing

because if i was gone you wouldn't want to live

so now I'm tied to you

never to escape

you keep me close because you love me 

I can't have friends because you love me

I can't love myself because I let you love me

I let you love me in your time of need

and now I am your lifeline

as you feed off the life within me I wither

no longer the person I once was

your love smothered her

trapped her in a pit of constant fear

fear to do what is best for her

in case you were telling the truth

what if you were when you said 

that life without me would be pointless

then it would be me who drove you to your grave

so I stay

because you love me

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