Trapped Inside

Sit and stare

But no longer care

No senses, just numbness

Trapped inside of your own mind

And as the world passes by, you're trapped in time

All and all, you hold on to hope

To the point where you become broke

Good things come and good things go

But as you should know

The bad will leave a print on the mind

Till the end of time

Till you're stripped of your flesh, stripped of your bone

Stripped of your soul

Till there is nothing left


But it's okay. Don't you see?

I am here for you as you've been for me

I shall lift you from this state of mind

And set you free

So you can grow your own pair of wings

Just like me


Let go of your lust

And give me your trust

I won't let you fall

If you answer to my call

We can go hand in hand

Away from this place, away from this land

Up to the sky above

Where no one can take away your love




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Ivie Wolfe

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