Trapped and Growing


By the limited 

Ways I think

On the brink 

Of sinking deep

Into my sleep

Dreams to have

And laugh 

At the rough times

Create a picture 

That'll hit ya

Like 1000 crimes

At the same time

On the same mind

Because of the same decline

Empathy's the last thing you'll find

In 2017, modern state of mind


While exposing 

The erosion

Of American law

And how they wronged us all,

Keep us separated

Meaning people of color

Will always be hated

For existing in a way

They said wasn't ok,

There's nothing wrong with dark skin

They just never wanted us to win

So they put in

Ways to say 

why our brothers and sisters 

Are destined for decay,

As a race 

We face hatred 


Still supposed to smile 

Like everything's ok

While appalled

Rarely surprised 

By the desperate attempts 

Of the white mans law

To keep us all 


What we should know

Hoping we never learn

That through all, we still grow.





This poem is about: 
My country



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