Who is she?

What is she?

 Where is she?


She gathers her thoughts and turns unto her right

She listens and she hears the fatal dull colors.

As if the room was hiding from itself.

Sadness sprinkled over her. She sees her life fluttering by.

This is the end.

Bang! Thump! There goes her thoughts


Down in her brain.

The glass of water


From her palms

To the padded floor.

She screamed and the slap of the echo clanged against the padded walls.

Tick! Tock! There goes her youth winding down.

This room she is in captures spirits and the young dreams.

She hears a cry but to discover it’s only hers.

Who is she?

She is the last of the young.

What is she?

She is what society calls trouble.

Where is she?

She is locked in her mind. Trying to free herself.


Society won’t allow the young to be free and an individual.



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