Sometimes you stay in a relationship because it’s easier,you suck up the misery and deal with him even if it’s sleazier. You don’t realize that boys change your life, even when you know that they won’t step up and make you their wife. They control who you are and who you become,your being and your development eventually succumbs. He changed you from the year prior, he basically made you a liar. You once liked writing, but now your time is wasted by fighting. The books you once planned to read have dust on them, you really did become so dumb. Your life became so much more stressful,you’ve become so unsuccessful.At least you’re not alone anymore, but you lost your ability to explore.Your life turned upside down,how have you not had a breakdown?He tore you apart and changed you,but there’s nothing that you’ll do.This relationship ruined you,and threw your life askew. Is this really what you want? Or do you want a climate of détente?Look at how you were last year,look at how much you changed.  


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