I got focus on my craft just to make a difference

Sure it's all authentic when i make a sentence

It got hard i used my smarts to create my interest

But don't nobody wanna work just out here making wishes

Ain't it senseless?

How far they go for fame and mentions?

Soulless , trolling , fake exposing just to gain attention


Seems like everyone wants to be see through

So i “have to” recognize what you do

In reality isn't mystery in who you are better than what your trying to prove?

Consistent standards is better than world denomination and rule

I guess a like on insta is better than reserving your truth

Do you protest because you see other people have to ?

Or because you believe everything has rights and its the right thing to do?


There are silent superheroes everywhere

They move swiftly using their pain as motivation to compel great asks that many are unaware

No recognition, no mention or competition

They just living , saving the rest of society in this world that we exist in

It's a shame because we believe that the evidence of good nature is necessary to prove someone washed away their sins


Being solid and concrete holding to your values,

Is better than seeking attention for rewards and medallions

It's unfortunate because we talk about equality and rights so loosely

Because in reality would you still fight for the team that's losing?

Would you pick up and help a stranger because your conscious told you to it ?

Or because you saw someone with a phone and you knew they were going to record you?

Is that name and mention really that worth it ?

When you know your not going to help that person thats hurting


When i want to consider the pleasures of sin, i turn my mind towards heaven

Because i know that this world’s concepts and meaning has no more future true evaluations

Of what is really considered a good deed or not

It's not about principles anymore if your willing to rot

I suppose you could say God sees all

For the wise and humble will rise and the weak and deceitful will fall

Just because you may gain a million likes for doing what is right

Doesn’t mean you did it out of your heart and not spite


This brings me to implicate and present the issue of integrity

Many are confused with what it means to be friendly

Love comes from the heart and not the mind

So if you have to think about helping someone then your wasting their time

Silent suffers exist everywhere and the last thing they need is someone who is dedicated to seeking a raise of followers in their social media affairs

Every good work is recognized

But only when it is really a “ good work” and not disguised

There will be peace one day

When all of humanity sees the goodness in their lives is really at dismay

When people figure out their purpose

They’ll know why having true integrity is really worth it.


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