Transitions #Speak your Mind 2014


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United States
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My mind speaks on transition, Life’s next steps no matter how big or small I day dream in awe of the possibilities of my unborn realities.


Every morning when I wake, yawning, stretching and wiping the sleep away my heart beats with amusement, my stomach growls for food but yet is full of indulgence and my eyes are constantly illustrating my beloved future in even the dense times of the present.


Transitions are often seen as perplexing and can make one uncertain at times where doubt and what if’s veil the eyes, forgotten actions are remembered and if your not careful you become stuck into place as if you have stared into the eyes of Medusa herself with all of your potential cemented with you.


Life is incomplete without a transition to meet. Transitions are rich in life even in the familiar parts of our day we are awake then sleep, we are wet then dry we choose to drive or we fly.

Life is one-sided without a transition beside it, unsuccess, frustration and strain will always be, without the middle to set you free, for it’s the middle part of life that defines who we will be.


Many don’t recognize life’s middles the times where the tight-rope of life is a bit off-balanced and the crowd watching engrossed in your challenge with perfected silence growing louder with every step you take, and with every step your eyes are centered on the flawless finish and the crowd erupting in exuberance because you could have easily fallen leaving your life dependent on the nets to catch you.


I pray you transition with grace in whatever you choose as an endeavor. Turn that fear into butterflies and forsake every lie. Keep your mind on the possibilities and your eyes on the beauty of your dreams. Make goals you can’t reach and then reach them by all means.

Always be wise in the middle times because something happens time passes and then something happens.



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